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about me

Carla Cravens has live and worked in many different regions of the United States and abroad.  Although always a Texas girl at heart she has been exposed to multiple cities, new cultures and she has learned to appreciate diversity and its influence on architecture and design.

While in Japan, she traveled throughout Asia and studied a broad range of modern and historical architecture.  She discovered how the fusion of eclectic styles and materials can result in an innovative design that reflects the individually of the client.

Carla Received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Dallas.  It was her global travels that also influenced her passion for Interior Design and later led her to New York City to express her inner “designsta”.  Her background is working in a variety of creative roles and wearing many hats as a Project Manager in Retail Design for a little over 7 years for Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford.  

In her spare time she has work on a numerous amount of freelance projects.  Whether it’s planning a dinner party, designing a dream wedding, or organizing a great party Carla Cravens is no stranger to lending her unique talent and experience in making it a success.